Issaquah Real Estate Information

The popular city of Issaquah is located on the banks of Lake Samamish and hosts just over 11,000 residents. Based on per capita income, Issaquah is ranked 25th in the entire state of Washington, placing it in the top five percent of communities in the state. Issaquah also won an award from as being the second-fastest-growing suburb in Washington state. Hosting a diverse range of local workers, commuters, and retirees, owners of property in Issaquah take comfort in the shear diversity of people in the area. The Issaquah School District 411 includes twenty-three schools that offer residents thoughtful educations that are close to their homes.

Officially incorporated in 1892 as a small mining town, Issaquah transitioned to be a lumbar town following the depletion of local mines. The town’s legacy includes heavy involvement from Boeing, Microsoft, and a number of local mills. Today, Boeing and Microsoft remain heavily committed to the area in addition to several other companies that call Issaquah home. Costco’s global headquarters are now situated in Issaquah and a number of other companies house significant operations in the city, including Siemens Medical Solutions’ Ultrasound Group, GoldSim Technology Group, Overtime Technologies, Boehm’s Candies, and Darigold.

One of Issaquah’s most noted attractions is the Issaquah Alps that features a number of hiking and biking trails as well as several campgrounds throughout the area’s three major mountains, Tiger Mountain, Cougar Mountain, and Squak Mountain. The popular Salmon Days Festival is an international award-winning event held every Octover to celebrate the return of salmon to their birth waters. This is a testament to Issaquah’s cultural importance in terms of the development of regional industry and economy. The Cougar Mountain Zoo is an important attraction that includes over eight acres of highly endangered species from around the world. The flagship of the zoo is a cougar named Nashi. Another popular tourist attraction is the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery that was built in 1936 and raises about four million salmons each year. Educational tours are offered throughout the harvesting season.