Shoreline Real Estate Information

The King County city of Shoreline is just fifteen miles north of Downtown Seattle and is home to over 55,000 residents. Such a population makes it the fourteenth largest city in the state and based on per capita income, is the 91st most affluent city out of Washington state’s 522 distinct areas. Settled in 1890 to support the construction of Richmond Beach on Puget Sound in preparation for the Great Northern Railroad, Shoreline was eventually constructed as an intermediary city between Seattle and several other regional communities. Interestingly, the area wasn’t named Shoreline until the school district of the same name was created to serve the area. Today, Richmond Beach forms Shoreline’s northern border while North City is located to the east and Broadview is just south of Shoreline.

Because Shoreline is halfway between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, residents have ample opportunities to enjoy exercising, fooling around, and playing in both fresh water and salt water environments. The smooth waters of Lake Washington provide the perfect surface for residents looking to jet ski, water tube, or simply sail in the brisk winds. While the lake is quite popular, the shores of Puget Sound are also often frequented by people looking to sun during the summer.

Many residents of Shoreline work north of the area at Snohomish County Airport, more commonly known as Paine Field. The airport hosts a number of general aviators as well as several manufacturing companies that work to produce Boeing Company commercial airplanes. At the airport, Boeing has constructed the world’s largest single building by volume. For residents in need to a commercial flight, most operations are based at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport located south of downtown Seattle.

Shoreline has a number of points of interest that attract interested parties from around the country each year. The William E. Being House, Crawford Store, and Shoreline Historical Museum are all considered major local landmarks and are highly guarded and protected by local members of the community. Hamlin Park, Kruckeberg Botanic Garden, Shoreline Stadium, and Shoreview Park are other popular places for get-togethers, recreation, and enjoying the company of neighbors.